Soccer Bets

Soccer Bets Explained

The use of overseas online betting sites is fully legal in New Zealand. This has greatly stimulated the sports betting market, soccer bets not being the least of these. The game itself is a popular sport in New Zealand, all the more so due to the fact that punters are able to participate in the excitement. Reputable websites supporting the New Zealand Dollar are available aplenty, and deposits and withdrawals can be made free of hassle.

The game of soccer includes a variety of types of competitions. The rules of some of the competitions differ from those of others. A solid starting point when placing soccer bets is generally to establish the specific rules that are at play during any event or match.

Popular Soccer Bets

Most soccer bet types assume that a draw will form part of the final result of a game. This makes provision for the fact that there may be three possible outcomes to any game – a win to Team A, a win to Team B, and a draw.

The 3-Way Moneyline bet makes provision for the draw as a separate outcome. Odds are specified for the probability of the game ending in a draw.

The 2-Way Moneyline bet, on the other hand (also known as the Draw, No Bet), involves betting on the outcome of a match without the provision for a draw. Only two possible outcomes are bet on – a win or a loss to a specific team. In the event that the match ends in a draw, the punter’s bet will be refunded, as if no bet had taken place.

The Goal Lines bet is another popular bet among punters, allowing for a win on multiple outcomes.

Scoring With Soccer Bets

The ultimate goal is to beat the odds. Walking away having lost a bet is never fun. This applies whether you’re playing to win ore merely participating in soccer bets for fun.  It’s important to have a basic strategy, however simple when only betting for fun.

Shopping around for the best bookmaker is often underestimated. Punters are inclined to stick with one particular bookmaker, for fear of the unknown. Placing various bets with different bookmakers whilst shopping for the best possible odds can go a long way to securing a reasonable return. Using many different mobile betting sites will also enable punters to take full advantage of promotions and bonus offers.

Betting for the sake of betting is a bad idea. Bet only when the odds are completely in your favour – however marginal.  Keeping a record of wins and losses is very useful when trying to formulate a winning strategy.

Live Soccer Bets

Due to wide television coverage of all major events, live soccer betting is now available to everyone. A game does not necessarily have to take place in New Zealand for a punter to enjoy the betting experience to its full capacity.

Live soccer bets enable punters to make progressively more informed decisions regarding the likely outcome of a match, adding to the overall excitement of soccer bets.